4 Ways to Drink More Water

Are you struggling to drink more water each day? Here are my top 4 tips for drinking more water.

Start Early. Start each morning by drinking at least 2 cups of water before you eat or drink anything else. Doing so will hydrate you and get your day started right.

Use a Reusable Water Bottle. Purchase a large, reusable water bottle to keep with you to sip on water throughout the day. Look for a water bottle that has measurements so that you can track your intake throughout the day.

Drink Before Eating. Before you begin to eat a snack or meal, drink at least 1 cup of water. This will help you get in more water before you become too full of food.

Make it a Habit. Make a habit of drinking water while doing other daily tasks. For example, drink water while you feed your child, read emails, or drive home from work.

Do you have other creative tips that help you drink more water?  Leave a comment and let others know about it!

6 thoughts on “4 Ways to Drink More Water

  1. Great Tips Mrs. Wallace esp the point about drinking water before eating, that’s also a healthy way to promote weight loss. Also, if you keep your water bottle out somewhere where you can visually see it, it will remind you to drink more water (as opposed to just keeping it in the icebox).

    I know some people experiment with naturally flavoring their water with lemons and limes, you ever experiment with that?

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  2. Have a post on water that i already have scheduled to come soon. I was never a water kinda gal but over the years with learning more about the way my body functions in relation to water, i know i can’t afford to skip out on it if i intend to maintain a healthy body. I like drinking room temperature water first thing in the morning or some times with a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar.
    Also using my favorite water bottle helps keep me motivated.
    Thank you again for sharing your wisdom with us

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  3. Well for starters, it has the mother in there, just like kombucha if you are familiar with it. But, it’s just a simple sour taste if you can get past the mother dangling in the bottle(which was my biggest obstacle at first). But it really works miracles; or atleast has for me. And with essential oils, I would recommend doterra lemon essential oils. One drop of that works wonders with the flavor.

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