My First 5k

This past weekend I finally participated in my very first 5k race! By no means did I finish first, second, or third…but I finished, and that is a start. I alternated between walking and jogging throughout the entire course. My goal was to finish in 45 minutes and I came in at 44 minutes 17 seconds. It was tough, but definitely not impossible, and I am ready to continue pushing myself to improve my running and endurance.

My husband, Alvin, did the 5k with me and pushed me to help me meet my goal (thanks, love!) and our daughter, Ava, rolled along with us.

5k 1
Alvin, Whitney, and Ava


5k 2
“Go Mommy!”

Completing the 5k was fun, and I will be doing it again soon. It’s important for me to be active and improve my fitness level for my own health, but also as an example to my daughter on how to take care of her body in a healthy, fun, way.

Exercise does not have to be something we dread doing. Try different activities and workouts in order to find something you like doing, then start small and slowly work your way up to more intense exercise. What do you enjoy doing for exercise? I’d love to hear about it. And to all the runners out there…what are the best ways to improve your running?

4 thoughts on “My First 5k

  1. Loved the post Mrs. Wallace. lol

    I have increased my running endurance & speed a lot over the past 6 months and I credit my improvements on dieting and actually running. I started a diet (not ‘diet’ but rather a healthy lifestyle eating habit) which helped me to lose ~20 lbs and lord knows it’s a lot easier to run now that I’m carrying around that extra weight. Also, I use to run 5 days a week and my legs were always in pain due to shin splints, so I altered my fitness regiment to start running 3 times a week and I actually made better progress.

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