How to Exercise with a Toddler

If you have an infant or toddler at home, then you probably know that it may be is impossible to do anything alone.  This includes working out.  Finding the time or energy to exercise when you have a toddler to care for is hard, but there are ways to make it work if you get a little creative.  Here are a few ways that I’m able to be active with my busy toddler.

  1.  Make it a game.  Toddlers tend to follow you around and want to do whatever you are doing.  So, let them workout with you and make it fun!  Put on an exercise video and encourage your kid to do the moves with you.  Trust me, it’s hilarious.
  2. Use your kid as a weight.  When your child is having a whiny, clingy day and wants to be held, hold your baby–and do squats! You can do a variety of leg exercises with the added weight of your baby as a bonus.  Just be careful to not strain yourself.
  3. Walk outside.  Let your baby ride in a stroller while you walk (or jog).  Or, have your toddler walk and explore with you.  This is a great way for you both to get fresh air and sunlight while being active.  It also helps your kid release energy before naptime.
  4. Take advantage of naptime.  When your child goes to sleep, do your workout right away! That’s right, the dishes, laundry, and toys on the floor can wait.  You need to use that free time to do something for yourself first. It helps to have your workout clothes already out and visible so that you are motivated to exercise when naptime rolls around.
  5. Feel the burn while cleaning.  You can make household chores burn more calories by doing things with more intensity.  For instance, walk faster around your home as you clean. Or, do things like wiping down countertops and mopping with more vigor and energy.  You may look silly doing it, but you will feel the burn.  You could also wear your baby in a carrier while you’re cleaning to work up a sweat.

Do you have any tips or tricks that allow you to exercise regularly?  Please share and let’s all help each other.

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