My First 5k

This past weekend I finally participated in my very first 5k race! By no means did I finish first, second, or third…but I finished, and that is a start. I alternated between walking and jogging throughout the entire course. My goal was to finish in 45 minutes and I came in at 44 minutes 17 seconds. It was tough, but definitely not impossible, and I am ready to continue pushing myself to improve my running and endurance.

My husband, Alvin, did the 5k with me and pushed me to help me meet my goal (thanks, love!) and our daughter, Ava, rolled along with us.

5k 1
Alvin, Whitney, and Ava


5k 2
“Go Mommy!”

Completing the 5k was fun, and I will be doing it again soon. It’s important for me to be active and improve my fitness level for my own health, but also as an example to my daughter on how to take care of her body in a healthy, fun, way.

Exercise does not have to be something we dread doing. Try different activities and workouts in order to find something you like doing, then start small and slowly work your way up to more intense exercise. What do you enjoy doing for exercise? I’d love to hear about it. And to all the runners out there…what are the best ways to improve your running?

My Struggle with Fitness

I know I’ve missed the New Year’s Resolutions/Goals hype, and maybe I did on purpose so that I wouldn’t fail…but I am now ready to commit to a new exercise regimen to reach my fitness goals.

A little back story–prior to my pregnancy, I was in fairly good physical condition, I was doing moderate-intense exercise at least 3 days per week.  I was a healthy weight for my height and had great muscle definition.  I also had energy during the day and felt sharp mentally.  I became pregnant in late 2014, and throughout my pregnancy I continued to exercise, although less intense.  I still felt strong and healthy.

I gave birth in August 2015 to my sweet baby girl and I wanted to get right back into my exercise routines and get back to normal…but things never went back to normal.  Fast forward to now, my daughter is almost 18 months old, and since she was born I have struggled to get motivated and stay motivated to exercise regularly.  I know how important physical activity is, I know how it can positively impact your health physically, mentally, and emotionally, but I’m still struggling.  My main problems are that I either have no energy to exercise, or I start working out and quit after about 5 minutes.  I often feel tired and sluggish.

I want to stick to exercising regularly to improve my energy level and tone my muscles.  My fitness goal is to exercise 3 days per week and to run a 5k before the end of 2017.  I am just putting this out there to help myself stay accountable.  I will be posting updates as I progress through my fitness journey.

Do you have any advice on how to stay motivated to exercise?  Please share and let’s help each other!