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The Infant Feeding Counselor™ Course is the high-quality, personalized lactation education you’ve been looking for.


We all know that the world needs more great lactation consultants - but getting there is tricky.

Between confusing requirements, having to source all of your education hours, finding preceptors, and sitting for the IBCLC exam, it feels like there’s a mountain to climb before you can actually start to see clients.

We’re here to make it easy
for you to become an                      
lactation consultant.


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Convenient on-demand modules

Connection & community through scheduled implementation calls

Created by a trusted lactation educator to meet leaarc requirements

100% of the lactation education you need to become an ibclc

Introducing The Infant Feeding Counselor™ Course

Complete your LEAARC-approved education in as little as 18 weeks

Going above and beyond the basics is kind of our thing.

That's why this course is so comprehensive - we'll take you beyond basic recommendations and show you how to provide equitable care, improve your counseling skills, and provide support for all forms of infant feeding.

Hospital care

Private Practice

Outpatient Care

The only curriculum that prioritizes preparing you for a career in:

Infant Feeding Counselor™ Certification

When you finish this course, you’ll be ready to begin your clinical hours and you’ll receive an Infant Feeding Counselor™ certification that allows you to confidently support clients within your scope before you sit for your exam.

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This course is carefully designed to cover
every single subject listed in the IBLCE® Detailed Content Outline, including the 5 required hours of communications skills. 

For each cohort, we also curate additional readings from the latest research and protocols in lactation and infant feeding.

Dr. Hope Lima, PHD, RDN, IBCLC

I’m Hope, board certified lactation consultant and registered dietitian. I own and operate a private practice that provides lactation and nutrition support to families and an educational consulting company. I also run a research lab focused on infant feeding and human milk at Winthrop University, where I teach undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Human Nutrition.

In this course, I combine my love of clinical practice, teaching, and research with my passion for lactation & infant feeding, resulting in a truly elevated education experience for you.

Meet Your Instructor

Module 6

Managing Parent Conditions

Module 5

Managing Infant Conditions

Module 4

Counseling & Communication in Maternal-Child Health

Module 3

Supporting a Healthy Dyad

Module 2

A Baseline for Breast/Chestfeeding

Module 1

The Field of Lactation


Want a sneak peek inside the course? Here’s (just some of) what we’ll cover:

You’ll receive individualized feedback throughout the course as assignments are graded, and provided with assessments to ensure you’re gaining a deep & practical understanding of the material!

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What it looks like to work in lactation and infant feeding

Biological norms for breast/chestfeeding from pregnancy through weaning

Using tools and devices for milk expression and supplementation

Managing low milk supply, slow weight gain, feeding difficulties
Supporting the new family in bonding while caring for their baby

Coordinating care for complicated medical conditions like hypoglycemia, hyperbilirubinemia, tongue tie, congenital anomalies, mastitis, hormonal/endocrine imbalances, and more

Ethics and advocacy

Sample Topics

Includes pre-recorded and live sessions provided by industry-leading professionals like Bryna Hayden, Shondra Mattos, and Susan Howard.

IFC™ Course Graduate

Dr. Hope Lima has provided a platform that takes textbook information beyond the book by showing how it applies in real life.

"Instead of just memorizing information, you actually learn how to take it and create evidenced-based care. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who truly wants to pursue a career in lactation!”

Mark Your Calendar

We’re running three cohorts in 2024. Will you be joining us?

2024 Cohort Start Dates

January 8
May 13
September 16

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Module 1

January 27, June 1, October 5

Module 2

February 17, June 22, October 26

Module 3

March 9, July 13, November 16

Module 4

March 30, August 3, December 7

Module 5

April 20, August 24, December 28

Module 6

May 11, September 14, January 18 [2025]

Participants have one calendar year from the start date of their enrolled cohort to complete the IFC requirements, including attending the required live sessions. Beginning in Spring 2024, live sessions will not be recorded and so participants will have up to three opportunities to attend the live session that correlates with each module. If all requirements are not completed in one calendar year, participants will be able to pay a reduced renewal fee of $500 to maintain access to the course for an additional cohort window and complete the requirements.

Implementation Calls

Reduced Tuition

In order to make education more accessible, we offer reduced tuition for this course for countries in Tiers 2 & 3 as designated by IBCLE. To determine your eligibility for reduced-rate tuition, please fill out this form.

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If you have questions or concerns about your eligibility or ability to enroll in this course, please reach out to our team.

When you check out, you'll be able to choose between paying in full ($1500) or making four payments of $375 ($1500 total).


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